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the business plan

Every entrepreneur though its venture who intends to take same to new heights of business or who wishes to start up business has to establish a blueprint on how he intends to proceed whilst considering the realities of the market in a well drafted document usually called a “Business Plan”. This document is invaluable both to the managers of the business venture (who always wish to have some kind of business manifest to or plan of action to face the realities of the field) as well as to investors or bankers who also wish to have a well founded idea of the opportunities which the market presents so as to gauge its profitability to better evaluate the business venture’s possibilities of repaying debts in the event of indebtedness.

The drafting of a business plan is usually done by the personnel of a business.

Astuteness in financial, sectorial, marketing analysis and accounting are key in coming up with a good business plan. In fact, a business plan should be conform to the following standards:
◾A market survey, operations, marketing and financial plans;

Also, some persons (natural persons or corporate bodies) may chose to establish business plans by sections ( Market survey, operations and marketing plan, financial plan established chronologically as per distinct entities) which may have as short coming, the want of coherence in the harnessing of the different entities involved; Whilst others will prefer to establish the business plan to incorporate all sectors in one document, which will obviously lack precisions in certain areas.

Nevertheless, as well and elaborate business plan invariably increases the chances of obtaining financing from banks and attracts investors to join the venture


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